About Craft-Crypto

And So Our Story Begins

Craft-Crypto Start on making Apps for Cryptocurrency Trading on Binance

I, like I am sure many people, became involved in crypto in early 2018. I bought just as the 20k run up started to turn down. And I, like I am sure many people, have a very busy personal life. My wife and I had just bought a house that needed a great deal of work and were expecting our daughter in about 7 months.

I had no time to devote to following the crazy 24 hour swings, pumps and dumps, and constant exciting news of the cryptocurrency universe. No time to research, no time to strategize, and no time to actually learn to trade. All I knew is that I wanted my investments to moon, and moon now. I had a house to pay off and a daughter’s college education to save for…. and a lambo I needed to buy.

Building a home for my daughter took a lot of time. We were staying at a friend’s house (our lease had just ended in our nice, but small, college town apartment), and I was determined not to be the dad who brings his first kid home to stranger’s house.

So I spent all of my time building the nursery, removing crusted cast iron sewage drains, redoing the bathroom and making the kitchen a place where we could actually cook.

Meanwhile, the spare minutes I could find for TradingView and Binance fostered a FOMO so strong that I made a series of uninformed trades (we’ll call it a ‘learner’s fee’) that saw my investment evaporate to just 10% of my initial investment (turns out I am a pro at buying high and selling low).

Then I remembered that I loved programming.

Enter Craft-Crypto

I got a team together and after taking inspiration from the king of innovation, we came up with some crazy ideas to help us trade.

We made several prototypes and had fun theorizing over lunch on algorithmic programs that would turn us into millionaires over night. After many short months of trying pattern recognition systems, or making flowcharts, we decided that the best way to find a pattern is to just look at it (who knew)?

So we started making tools for traders instead of bots. Things that we enjoy using ourselves that could help us get an edge.

Some of the exchanges can have funny UIs or just don’t have the features we want. So we’re making them!

Something that allows you to latter buy and sell, have trails, and connects to Telegram? Done. Here’s Trade Craft

Something that helps you scalp? QuickCraft.

Something that lets you trade GVT for BAT? Working on that too.

We have several new apps coming, and we can’t wait to start using them. We also can’t wait to start sharing them with you.

After all, if you are going to moon, you might as well have a buddy.

And we’re looking for friends. =)


Craft-Crypto got it's name from Craft Beer