Crypto Trading Journal Update #2

TradeCraft pro Basic crypto Bot overview
The Week that included invasions, gold spikes, and an upcoming executive order on crypto

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Overview of the Past Week

Well, Gold shot up, and Bitcoin shot up and down, Russia invaded, and here we are. 

As for the bot, the Buy the Dip strategy got us an additional 3 trades. Two of these trades completed and got us some sweet profit. 

The bot bought FTM, YFI, and CTSI, and made a 14% profit off of the last two coins. 

I have to admit, I am unsure of what these coins do, but they will perhaps be the subject of another post one day. 

Lost in USD and Gained in BTC

Date USD Value BTC Value Strategy
1-Mar-22 302.31 0.00689 Buy the Dip
9-Mar-22 292.27 0.00704 Buy the Dip

I have to admit that I favor BTC, but I am going to look into expanding the manual trading tab into other currencies soon. the Buy the Dip strategy is potent, but it tends to wait until the perfect moment to strike. While waiting for the time, I can be using my USD to make other trades. 

Trades This Week

TradeCraft pro Basic crypto Bot overview

The Basic Bot bought 4 times, and sold twice. It Bought FTM at both 1.615USd and 1.35USD, this makes the trade at a current average loss of -4%. 

To make up for that, the Bot bought YFI at 18055 and sold at 19449 for a profit of 7.72%. The trailing stop got us an extra 1.72%!

Similarly, The bought bought CTSI at 0.31 USD and sold at .3316 for 6.38%. The Trail got us another third of a percent. 

I quite like using trailing stop losses when it comes to crypto. They can take advantage of the volatility so well. 

Trades Next Week

The Basic Bot

I got 2 more good trades out of the bot last week. I will be leaving it on buy the dip for now, but I might be working on some backtesting and will add in some Advanced Bot coins for the weeks to come. 

Manual Trading

I am going to keep my manual trade the same as well. The Bot caught a buy and sell Loop between 41279 and 44750. which netted us a good 10% extra BTC. So given that BTC is back on the rise, I am going to keep the loop.  

Bitcoin technical analysis on crypto trading
Manual Trade of Crypto Bot overview stop loss and loop

That's It for This Week!

I am surprised Bitcoin, and crypto in general, is not exploding after the past few months. The players that be are revealing just how much control they have over the financial system. Be it Canada freezing bank accounts with no due process, or Visa and Mastercard simply cutting off a country. Justified or not, they sure make the case why a decentralized currency controlled by no one is needed. 

Here’s hoping more of the world can wake up to this!

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TradeCraft pro Basic crypto Bot overview

Crypto Trading Journal Update #2

The Week that included invasions, gold spikes, and an upcoming executive order on crypto