Crypto Trading Journal Update #3

TradeCraft pro Basic crypto Bot overview
Took a break to start the garden, and caught a few nice trades.

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Overview of the Past Week

I am still working on figuring out the format for this series. I have several coins I think I would like to chart, analyze, and then plug into TradeCraft. However, what feels like the past few weeks have been full of other pressing life issues. Namely prepping the garden for go time. 

As such, nothing much has changed in trading strategy. Which is fine as it seems nothing has changed much with Bitcoin either. 

Lost in USD and Gained in BTC

Date USD Value BTC Value Strategy
1-Mar-22 302.31 0.00689 Buy the Dip
9-Mar-22 292.27 0.00704 Buy the Dip
21-Mar-22 293.63 0.00699 Buy the Dip

Trades This Week

Bitcoin Kraken BCh UNI Ethereum

I tried trading some Alt/BTC pairs this week, and the Basic bot made some great trades. While I am still figuring our strategies, I do not have it trading large amounts. Even so, and extra 15% is not bad.

Short Week This Time

The Garden is calling, but I did not want to go too long without an update. 

I hope to have content soon!

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