Trade Cryptocurrency Like a Professional

Trade Crypto Like a Professional

Harness the power of an open source trading bot on your own personal private server. 

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Decentralized, Private, and Open Source

Our TradeEngine is built how crypto bots should be: free from centralization, open source (free use) and privacy protecting. TradeEngine is the go to bot for trustless currencies. 

Completely Private

TradeEngine runs on your machine not our servers.  All of your API and Trading data is yours. We have no access to it, nor do we want any access to it!

Powerful Trading

TradeEngine has trailing stops, an advanced and basic bot, and scalping features that makes it the only source of trading you will ever need. 

Mobile Integration

TradeEngine creates a personal Telegram Server to enable remote and secure access to your bot from any mobile device. 

Your Strategy Incarnate

Our platform is designed from the ground up to handle complex to simple trading strategies. Trade Engine provides a Basic bot for beginners while TradeCraft Pro introduces and Advanced bot and Manual Trading tools. The manual Trades are set in an If This Than That manner and can be many layers deep. 

Trailing Stops and Buys

Crypto is a voilitile market, and trailing stops and buys help you sell the tops and buy the dips. 

Quick Trading and Scalping

TradeCraft Pro is designed to work alongside your favorite charting tool to give you the ability to buy and sell instantly

All Coin Conversions

Liquidate your varied assets into a single coin with a press of a button. 

TradeCraft Pro Making Trades

How It Works

TradeEngine TradeCraft Pro Crypto Bot Craft-Crypto

TradeEngine is the Base

Craft-Crypto’s Apps are designed to work with and through TradeEngine. TradeEngine is what creates trades, communicates with the exchanges, hosts the Telegram Server, and in, general, handles all the math. 

TradeEngine is open source under the MIT License. You are free to use it for whatever you want. We hope it helps you in all your trades =)

TradeCraft Pro Adds Features

Where TradeEngine is a Command Line Interface, TradeCraft Pro has a full User Interface. It also adds in a bunch of extra features like Quick Trade, Manual Trading, Backtesting, Trade History, and Ease of Implementing Advanced Bots. 

Simply put, if you use TradeEngine, You need TradeCraft Pro. 

AdaptCraft, MixCraft, and the Others

The Craft-Crypto Ecosystem is constantly evolving. We have many tools we want to bring to life, but only so much time. Check out our roadmap to learn more and get an idea on when new modules are targeted for release. 

That being said, if you have a cool idea you want help creating, be sure to contact us at 

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TradeEngine is Always Free, and TradeCraft Pro starts that way too!

TradeEngine and TradeCraft Pro come packaged in the same installed downloaded from the below. If you wish to run TradeEngine without any help from us, please see our GitHub repository.
TradeCraft Pro requires Windows 10 and a Graphics Card that supports OpenGL 2.0+ (relatively modern equipment).
TradeEngine requires Windows 10 for the packaged version or Python Knowledge using GitHub


$ 0 Monthly
  • Up to 5 Active Basic Bot Trades
  • Up to 3 Active Advanced Bot Trades
  • 1 Manual Trading Tab
  • Backtest on 4h Candle


$ 4
  • Up to 10 Active Basic Bot Trades​
  • Up to 5 Active Advanced Bot Trades​
  • 3 Manual Trading Tabs
  • Full Backtesting


$ 9
  • Up to 20 Active Basic Bot Trades
  • Up to 15 Active Advanced Bot Trades
  • 5 Manual Trading Tabs
  • Full Backtesting


$ 19
  • Up to 50 Active Basic Bot Trades
  • Up to 35 Active Advanced Bot Trades
  • 10 Manual Trading Tabs
  • Full Backtesting


$ 49
  • Unlimited Basic Bot Trades
  • Unlimited Advanced Bot Trades
  • Unlimited Manual Trading Tabs
  • Full Backtesting

Lifetime Full Access

$ 999 One Payment, Only 100 Available
  • No Limits
  • Priority 1:1 Support
  • Chance to Integrate Ideas into Apps
  • Early Access and Eternal Value

Become a Lifetime Member
and get Rewarded

Lifetime License Holders enjoy many perks over monthly users, with more perks being added over time. Such as input into new feature creation, free upgrades to apps, 1:1 support from the developer, and so much more.

Learn More to Earn More

An effective trading tool for Binance is important. See how multiple targets, conditional sells, trailing stop loss orders, and trailing buy orders can take you trading to the next level.

Trading Cryptocurrencies is a zero sum game. When you buy or sell, there is another trader that is selling or buying to you. But here’s the catch, only one of you will make money. 

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