Road Map

There is something about that simple joy that comes from programming. Of creating something new. That rush of adrenaline when your code works for the first time…. it’s great. Especially when it involves making perfect trades. We love to code and we love to make new things.

We love to invent and improve upon what we have made. Here are our ideas for the future. We can’t guarantee when they will be created, or in what order, but they are on our list.

If there is something that you see that you really want, feel free to tell us! We’d love to here from you! Just email

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Our Future Plans

Craft-Crypto Pro Upgrades


Doing your taxes is an absolute riot. Everyone can’t wait until the time their taxes are due. Especially when they need to figure in profits and losses for crypto. Trading BTC for ETH? What was the USD amount of that trade and how much did you make? Oh, No, not USDT; USD. You know, physical dollars.

This app will be able to automatically download your Binance trading history and figure your profit and loss for the year. We’ll also find a way so that you can input any other trades into the system. Taxes may not so fun for all, but as we mentioned above, we like to code.


Coins that list for the first time have a great potential for profit. We want to make an app that takes advantage of that. More details to come.


Ever study a pump and dump? There always seems to be a nice volume spike, and then a price pump… and dump. The issue is that unless you are in all the signal groups, it is difficult to find out when they happen. So we’re working on that.

Mix Craft

One of the best things about cryptocurrency is that there are so many different kids of coins. Yet there are so few trading pairs.

We’re working on a way so that you can choose any 2 coins on Binance and trade them. You’ll have candles and some markers, but the main goal will be to pick any 2 coins and trade. Just imagine the possibilities.

A Final Note

These new tools and upgrades will be driven by sales and your feedback. If you find our software useful, we please ask that you tell us and share it with your friends and family!

Also, we really do want to hear from you. If one of these sounds really interesting, or you have a new idea that you want help with, please email us at

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