TradeCraft Pro: Advanced Bot Trading

Advanced Cryptocurrency Bot Trading

The Advanced Bot is an extremely flexible, yet powerful addition to any trader’s arsenal. This bot is strong enough to apply the same solution to multiple cryptocurrency pairs, yet can be tuned in with precision where needed.

At the end of the day, this is the last bot you will ever need. 

Advanced Bot Layout

The Advanced Bot Screen is split into two halfs: the Coin Cards on the left, and the Trade Cards on the Right. Each Coin Card lists the information the bot uses to trade, and the Trade Cards show what trades have been made. 

Trade Information and Coin Cards

A Coin Card is represented by each box under Trading Pairs. When you click on a Coin Card, its information will be populated into the bottom left Card. This will show how the bot is setup to trade, the number of trades that have been made, the last time the Coin Card was updated, and more useful information. 

Active Trades and Trade Cards

Each time the Advanced Bot makes a buy, it will appear under Active Trades as a Trade Card. Active Trade Cards are black, Trade Cards that have sold with a profit are green, and Trade Cards that have sold at a loss are red. 

Similar to Coin Cards, when you click on a Trade Card, a whole host of useful information will be populated into the bottom right hand card. This will show things such as the buy price, the sell price, if there has been any down cost averaging, and other such information. 

Advanced Bot Main Screen

The Buttons

Add Trade

Creates a new Coin Card


Saves all of your data, which is highly recommended to do. The saved files will be stored in your Documents folder under TradeCraft Pro. 

Coin Card information will be saved in coincard.json, and Trade Card information will be saved in coincard_trade.json. 

Enable Trading

Clicking this button will let the Advanced Bot start to trade. On startup, this is automatically disabled to prevent a change in market conditions from effecting your trades. 

Active Trade Limit

This is used to apply a limit to the number of active Trade Cards at one time. This is useful for when you have 100 Coin Cards loaded, but only want the Advanced Bot to trade on the first 5 trades. Simply put 5 into the Active Trade Limit, and will will be set. 

Creates a new Coin Card.

Edits the current Coin Card.

Edits all the Coin Cards at once. This is only advised for if you want to trade several cryptocurrency pairs the same way as any unique settings will be overwritten. 

When this is pressed on a Coin Card, it forces the Advanced Bot to buy immediately. This will occur even if it would exceed the Active Trade Limit. 

When Pressed on a Trade Card, it forces the Advanced Bot to sell the trade immediately. 

Deletes the Coin Card or Trade Card. 

This sells all active and positive Trade Cards.

This collects all sold Trade Cards and tabulates the gain or loss. The sold Trade Cards are then deleted leaving only the active ones. 

This pauses a Coin Card. Even if the Advanced Bot is Active, it will skip over any paused card. Paused cards are highlighted in red. 

Pressing the upper most pause button will pause all Coin Cards. This is useful for if you want all of your active trades to sell without the Advanced Bot rebuying. 

Similar to the pause button, but it activates a Coin Card. The upper most play button activates all coin cards. 

This resets all the trading data of the highlighted Coin Card. 

Crafting a Coin Card

The Coin Card is the heart of the bot. It lists all the instructions needed to make successful trades. A Coin Card is made out of several sections: The Trading Pair Information, The Buy and Sell Parameters, and the Indicators. 

Trading Pair Information

This simply lists which coin/pair the bot is going to trade on which exchange and on which candle. 

Buy and Sell Parameters

This is composed of the the Amount to Trade, and the Buy and Sell Amounts. 

There are several choices for the Amount to Trade:

  • % of Pair Remaining
  • A Flat Amount
  • A Multiple of the Exchange’s Minimum Trade – If Binance says a minimum trade is $10, and you put ‘2x’ into this field, the bot will trade $20. It is recommended to not go below a 2.0 multiplier. 

The Buy and Sell Amounts are your take profit, stop loss, down cost averaging (DCA) and trail percentages. 

Editing Coin for Advanced Bot

Typically, the Advanced Bot makes a buy when triggered by the indicators. Selling, however, has a couple of options. You can either have the bot sell based on stop losses, straight take profit percentages, or a trailing stop loss. You could also have the bot sell based on an indicator trigger such as when the RSI is above 80. You can also combine all the above. For example, a trailing stop loss could be started when the RSI reaches 80. 

The possibilities are limitless. 

The Indicators

The bot is currently able to BUY off the following indicators:

Indicators for Advanced Bot

Any combination of these indicators and with any value can be used to trigger a buy. However, all indicators selected must be true for a buy to occur. For instance, if you choose for the bot to buy on an EMA cross and when the RSI is below 20, both the cross and drop in RSI value must occur at the same candle for the buy to occur. 

The bot can sell off the same indicators it uses to buy. However, the triggers are the reversed:

  • Price raises above a Simple Moving Average
  • Price raises above an Exponential Moving Average
  • A downward cross of 2 SMAs
  • A downward cross of 2 EMAs
  • A downward cross of an EMA on a SMA 
  • RSI raises above a value
  • Price raises a % above the upper Bollinger Band
  • MACD crosses down
  • MACD is above 0
  • MACD is red
  • A Stochastic cross down
  • The K and D values of the Stochastic raises above a value
  • PSAR crosses down

Additionally, in the same way all buy indicators must be met for the bot to buy, all sell conditions must also be met for the bot to sell. The sell conditions factor in as well. If my sell conditions are an RSI above 80 and a take profit of 20%. Then both those must be true for the bot to sell. 

There are a couple exceptions to this. If a stop loss is specified, that will trigger regardless of other indicators. Also, once a trail is activated, it will sell once the trail is made regardless of other indicators. 

A final note about the indicators is that a percentage modifier can be added to the buying and selling based on the SMA and EMA. This modifier changes what price the crypto needs to reach in order to activate a trade. If you include a 10% modifier to trigger a buy on a 100 SMA, then the price will need to drop 10% below the SMA value to be met. 

Down Cost Averaging

Down Cost Averaging, or DCA, is one of the key features of this bot that deserves its own section. DCA is the process of making additional buys to reduce your losses and more easily turn a profit. For example, say you buy a crypto at 100. The price then falls to 90. You are down 10%. However, if you buy at 90, your average buy price is now 95, and you are only down 5%. Once the price goes above 95, you can sell at a profit much earlier than you could with only a single buy at 100. 

The bot can be configured for a DCA percentage that will make these buys for you. these buys are treated as other buys, and so all other triggers must be met.  Keeping with the examples, if you set your DCA to 10% with a buy under 20 RSI trigger, both need to be true for the bot to make an additional buy. Not just for the price to drop 10%. 

After the bot makes a DCA buy, the next DCA buy price is determined from the last buy, not the average. In the above example, with a 10% DCA, the bot would buy at 100, 90, 81, 72.9, etc. 

Crafting Several Coin Cards at Once

When creating Coin Cards, you can list several coins for the same pair. just separate values with a comma. Additionally, you can use a * to denote all coins to the pair. All the coins you denote will then have the same buying and selling parameters. 

While this means you could just trade many coins in the same manner, a Coin Card can be tailored to each and every Coin/Pair. This means you could buy off RSI for a Bitcoin pair, yet use an MACD cross for something in USDT. Whatever you find works best, you can make. 

A Couple Examples to Get Started

The shear number of options on how to trade when using the Advanced Bot is daunting. Here is a suggestion to get you started. Try using a 17 Fast, 55 Slow EMA cross to buy, with a 10% DCA and a Take Profit of 5%. This works best on longer timeframe candles (like 30mins), but for faster action, you can use the 1min. 

It is also highly recommended to play with the Backtester. Here you can try out many combinations quickly to see what indicators have an effect on your trades. 

Please note: Trading Cryptocurrencies is inherently risky and Craft-Crypto is not responsible for any gains or losses. Also, past performance does not guarintee future returns for backtesting.


The Advanced Bot is a top tier trading companion. It can trade in most anyway required and is a great way to constantly scan the market for opportunities. It is one of the core components to TradeCraft Pro. 

Here are the remaining sections of the guide.