TradeCraft Pro: Quick Trades and the Account Tab

The Specialty Tools of Craft-Crypto

Quick Trades is a great feature for if you want to start scalping some trades or if you want to be actively trading in times of high volatility. It is a compact and streamlined trading tool intended to be paired with your favorite charting program. 

The Account tab, on the other hand, gives you the tools needed to gauge the health of your account.  It estimates your account value in BTC and USD, provides a way to quickly convert all your coins into another, and even tracks down your trading history and results. 

Quick Trading: The Best Way to Scalp

Clicking the fast clock in the top right of the app will take you to the Quick Trade screen. It will also slim the app so that it fits nicely with sites like TradingView. Simply enter in your Coin/Pair, choose an exchange, and you are set to trade. 

Clicking a button with a % will initiate a trade using that % of your current balance. Using ‘All In’ or ‘All Out’ will as much as your selected Coin/Pair as it can. 

Quick Trading can be very lucrative in the moments after a coin is listed on the exchange. To enable trading of a coin, however, you will need to press the Reload Markets button. This is only necessary if a market of an exchange changes while TradeCraft Pro is in use. The app only gathers data on trading pairs on startup (or with the Relaod Markets button).   

Quick Trade Example

The Account Tab: Cryptocurrency Book Keeping

Taking the time to study your past trades can be worth it. Though most cryptocurrencies follow the general market (or Bitcoin), some will naturally do better for you than others. Determining your best trading coins will help you focus your efforts on the coins that earn you profits. 

Account Balances

Select and exchange and the bot will display your current balances as well as their valuation in BTC and USD. 


If you have your funds dispersed across many kinds of crypto, or if you lost track of a trade, you can convert all your funds into one coin. 

Input the coin you want to convert your account to, and also list any coins you want to avoid converting. You may want to avoid coins either for their utility (like BNB) or because you are actively trading it. 

Then press ‘Convert’ and watch the bot  work. 

Please note that this is not like Binance’s Dust collection. Due to trading limitations on the exchanges, not the entire balance will be converted. However, the vast majority will be. 

TradeCraft Pro Account Tab

Trade HIstory

Pressing the ‘Get Trade History’ fetches your trades per Coin/Pair. It checks each trading pair on the exchange, and calculates your total gain or loss. It also lists the date of each trade, the trade amount, and at what price you made the trade. 

Though it can take a while for the bot to cycle through all the trading pairs, the information this function returns is invaluable. 

A Collection of Simple Tools

While Quick Trading is a simple interface, it can be powerful at the right time. 

Further, information is power. And the Accounts tab gives you a lot of information on your account. Use it wisely. 

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