TradeCraft Pro: The Basics

What Is TradeCraft Pro?

TradeCraft Pro is an enterprise level cryptocurrency trading platform that puts the power of professionals in your hands. It has many features for trading a wide array of strategies. Including:

  • an Advanced Bot for automated trades personalized to each crypto and exchange
  • a Manual Trade configuration so that you can input whole stratgies effortlessly
  • and Backtesting to aiud you in uncovering how your strategies can work in the future.

All of these tools can seem daunting at first, but are intuitive to use. With a little experience, you will be able to pick the right tool for the trade and take your trading to the moon!

Let’s get started.

TradeCraft Pro Main Screen

Theory of Operation

Tradecraft Pro is unlike any other trading bot. It is a complete trading solution run exclusively off of your PC. When you install and run TradeCraft Pro, you are initializing a trading server that you fully control.

While all the other guys utilize ‘the Cloud’ or some other website to collect your data, and run your trades, TradeCraft Pro keeps all your data on your computer and private. Unlike the other guys who can track your trades and sell that data, we no nothing of your trading, and don’t even have a way to access it. Privacy is paramount. 

The only reason TradeCraft Pro connects to any Craft-Crypto servers is to check for updates to the app, and to verify the purchase of any plans. That’s it.

How The Other Bots Work

Competitor Bot's Layout

The other guys set up a server for all their users to log into. In this server, you give them your log in information, exchange APIs, and all of your trading hopes and dreams. 

They then use this information to execute the trading for you. 

All their other users essentially put their information into the same pot. If there is a data breach, the hackers could get all your keys and information. It is a headache to fix something like that. 

On top of it all, the service can see your trades ahead of time. This data could be very valuable for setting up counter strategies. Crypto traders enjoy privacy, and with the traditional bot solution, you trade privacy for convience.

How TradeCraft Pro is Better

TradeCraft Pro is the best choice for crypto traders because it works, it is flexable, and it is private. 

When you run the app, you do not send your trades to some server. They are kept on your machine. The only time someone other than you knows about your trading plans, is when you execute and order. 

On top of that, the tools of TradeCraft Pro let your execute a myriad of techniquies that can push the odds in your favor of successful trading. From Downcost Averaging, Trailing Stops for Binance and more, just about any kind of trade you want to make, TradeCraft Pro can accomodate. 

Further, while it may seem that setting up a trading platform on your PC would restrict you to only entering trades while at your computer, we have crerated a solution. 

Craft-Crypto Layout

The app is integrated with a Telegram chat bot. This lets you get information from TradeCraft Pro in real time from anywhere. You can also have it execute trades for you. Finally, this chat bot is not part of Craft-Crypto, it is wholly created and owned by you. Creating this bot is simple and can be done in 5 minutes. TradeCraft Pro handles the heavy lifting for you, but Telegram requires bot creation be started by a human. 

So let’s get started in the biggest step to upgrade your game. Check out the below to learn about the TradeCraft Pro Main Menu, and if you do not already have a copy of TradeCraft Pro, you can download it here for free. 

Setting Up The Main Menu

There are a few fields on the Main Menu. However, you should only need to input this information once, and then it will be saved and reloaded each time you open the app.
TradeCraft Pro Master API Key

If you are rocking the free version, then you do not need to worry about this. If you purchased an upgraded plan, here is where you put your key. You can find your key on your Account page or in the email set to you after purcghase. 

Telegram Bot Token

This is where you put the information from setting up your own chat bot. See Below to learn more.

Exchange API Keys

TradeCraft Pro currently works with Binance, Binance US, Coinbase Pro, FTX, and Kraken. You do not need to use all the exchanges, but the API key for your exchanges will be put here.

If you need help getting your API Keys, see here: Binance, Binance US, Coinbase Pro, FTX, Kraken.

TradeCraft Pro Main Screen

Please keep in mind that these keys are sesitive information and we highly recommend keeping them private. No one at Craft-Crypto will ever ask you for your keys. 

The Buttons

Check Keys and Start Trading Engine

After you have input all of your keys, press this button to kick off the trading engine of the app. This is what handles the trades, and crunches the numbers. 

The next time to start the app, this process will start automatically. You will only need top press this button if any of your exchange information changes. 


This saves all of your data, which is highly recommended to do. The saved files will be stored in your Documents folder under TradeCraft Pro. 


This buttons takes you to this guide. This way if you ever need to refresh on what something does, it is just a click away. 


The End User Licese Agreement. By using TradeCraft Pro, you are agreeing to our EULA. We highly suggest reading it. 

Please note that Craft-Crypto is not responsible for any gains or losses you may incur while using our software. Trading Cryptocurrencies has a large degree of risk. 

This configures TradeCraft Pro for Quick Trading. You can learn more about that here. 

This button will display the system messages to you. If you have the Telegram Bot activated, you will also get those messages sent to you. 

Theme Icon

This button lets you customize the look and feel of TradeCraft Pro. Please not that after changing colors, you may need to switch screens for the colors to fully take. 

QuickTrade Screen
Quick Trade Screen
Messages Screen
Trade Craft Pro Messages
Theme Chooser Screen
Theme Picker

Telegram Bot Setup

Creating and integrating your own personal Telegram Bot may seems challenging, but in truth, it takes under 2 minutes. All you need to do is start a conversation with @Botfather, decide on a name, and copy/paste a code and a id, and it is complete!

To create your Telegram Bot:

  • Get Telegram (I highly recommend also downloading the desktop version to make copy/pasting easier)
  • Start a conversation with @Botfather
  • Create a new bot using /newbot and follow the instructions
  • Copy and paste the bot token into TradeCraft Pro
  • Press ‘Setup Bot’ to configure the bot
  • Start a conversation with your new bot by using the link provided to you by Botfather.
  • Send or press ‘/start’
  • Your bot will send you your chat id. Copy and paste your chat id into TradeCraft Pro
  • Press ‘Check Bot’ to confirm your bot is functional
  • Use the following commands to control your new bot!

Telegram Bot Commands


This kicks off the Telegram Bot and also sends you your Chat ID. If you ever need your Chat ID in the future, you can this command to receive it. 


Checks to see if the the Telegram bot and TradeCraft Pro are still active. If they are, you will receive a ‘pong’ reply. Because TradeCraft Pro hosts the Telegram Bot, this is a good way to check if TradeCraft Pro is still running. 


Sends you all of your account balances for all the exchanges. 


Initiates a Trade Sequence with the Telegram Bot. This is similar to how the Quick Trade feature works. 

This is incredibly useful if you want to trade while traveling as it bypasses clunky exchange mobile sites. 

What to Read Next

Now that you have the App setup and ready to go, check out these pages to start making some trades.