TradeCraft Pro: Trade Strategy Backtesting

Research Your Trades Ahead of Time

Backtesting is an extremely valuable tool for cryptocurrency traders. It let’s you peer through the volatility of the market to glean which strategies can net the most profit, and which to avoid. While perfect results from backtesting cannot guarantee future earnings, many important trends can be observed and then acted upon.

For instance, does Bitcoin like to be traded on RSI or MACD? What about an EMA cross? At what values should you look into? How many combinations of indicators? When should you sell? Should you use a trail?

Answering questions like these take an enormous amount of effort testing in real time. With TradeCraft Pro’s backtesting tool, it takes just a few moments. 

Backtesting Layout

The Backtesting screen is split into a Setup section and a Results section. The Setup section is closely related to how Coin Cards are created. The Results section displays the trades that occur and other metrics of the backtest. 

Backtest Setup

Simply fill in the information for the coin you want to test, and which indicators you want to test it against. 

Unlike the Advanced Bot, the Backtest only allows a single coin to be tested at a time. 


Each buy or sell made during the backtest is listed in this section. Each result will show the price and time of the trade. 

The total Gain/Loss along with number of trades will be displayed at the top. 

TradeCraft Pro uses the close of the candle to calculate most aspects of the backtest. For Stop Losses, the app uses the low of the candle, and for trails it uses the high. It also assumes that the candle’s low occurs before the high so that wicks up are not overly represented. 

TradeCraft Pro Backtesting

The Buttons

Backtest Strategy

Starts the Backtest. The Backtest collects up to 2000 candles. If you are working with a Coin/Pair and candle combination that has less, then results may be effected. 

That's It!

There is not much more to talk about with Backtesting other than to open it up and give it a try. Experiment with strange combinations and go deep into the weeds. There are gems to be discovered. 

Or, you can read another section of the manual: