TradeCraft Pro

Getting Started with Trade Craft Pro

TradeCraft Pro is a fully flexible trading platform. It has many basic features that can be combined into a powerful platform. This guide will teach you the basics on how to use each section. 


User Interface

TradeCraft Pro has 4 main screens and several smaller secondary screens:

Main Screens:

  • Main Menu – The setup screen to enter API and license keys as well as setup your Telegram Bot. Additionally, you can find our partner information as well as the EULA.
  • Manual Trade – Use this screen to enter in trades that you do not want the bot to execute. This includes advanced order types such as trails and loops. 
  • Trading Bot – This screen goes over setup information on bot trading. You can both manually setup bots, or have the AI select indicators
  • Account – This screen keeps track of your balances and also your trading history. Further, it contains the convert feature that you can use to trade all of your cryptocurrency for a single coin. 

Secondary Screens:

  • Theme Setter – TradeCraft Pro supports custom color choices when using the app. You can choose them here.
  • System Messages – Check this screen for information about what is happening in the app.
  • Quick Trades – This screen lets you buy and sell without creating complex orders. Further, this screen makes the app thin so that it can be used alongside TradingView (or your favorite charting tool).

Binance API Keys

First, TradeCraft Pro runs Binance and a Binance account is required for TradeCraft Pro. If you need a Binance account, check here.

Second, you will need to get your Binance API keys and paste them into TradeCraft Pro for the app to make trades for you. If you need help finding your API keys, please see here. Consider disabling withdraw and deposit permissions on your keys for added security. 

Third, Your Binance API keys are sensitive information. Unlike other trading apps, your keys are stored on your computer and not on our site in order to keep your keys safe. Please keep them secure. No one at Craft-Crypto will ever ask you for your API keys and please do not share them with anyone.  

TradeCraft Pro License Key

Craft-Crypto offers a free version of TradeCraft Pro for use. The only limitations on the free version are the number of active coin pairs . All other functionality is include. Further, we offer a free 1 month trial with a TradeCraft Pro – Professional license. 

If you are interested in upgrading from the free version, see here

Telegram Bot Setup

TradeCraft Pro supports your own personalized Telegram Bot. This bot lets you access TradeCraft Pro from anywhere is a great tool when on the go.

We have integrated a personal miniature Telegram server int he background of the app, but Telegram requires a human to actually create the bot. Luckily, this is a quick and easy process that takes under 2 minutes to complete. 

To create your bot:

  • Get Telegram
  • Start a conversation with @Botfather
  • Create a new bot using /newbot and follow the instructions
  • Copy and paste the bot token into Craft-Crypto Pro
  • Press ‘Setup Chat Bot’ to configure the bot
  • Start a conversation with your new bot by using the link provided to you by Botfather and pressing or sending ‘/start’
  • Your bot will send you your chat id. Copy and paste your chat id into Craft-Crypto Pro
  • Press ‘Test Chat Bot’ to confirm your bot works!
  • type ‘/’ into the chat to get a list of available commands. 

Manual Trading

Order Types

The Manual Trade screen supports 4 trade types that you can combine in numerous different combinations:

  • Standard – This trade is the standard kinda of trade. If you enter a standard buy, the App will buy when the price falls below your price. If it is a sell, the App will sell when the price raises above the price. 
  • Stop – Every trade needs a stop and TradeCraft Pro supports both Stop Losses and Stop Buys. A Stop Loss will sell after the price drops below the price, and a Stop Buy will buy after the price raises above a price. 
  • Trail – Trails use a percentage to lag the price and then makes a Standard Trade when the price crosses that trade.
  • Loop – A loop order combines a Standard buy and sell. Other orders are only triggered once, but a Loop will buy or sell each time the price crosses the relevant trigger.
Additionally, the Standard, Stop, and Trail Trades have an optional Follow Up Trade option. Follow up trades are executed only after the first trade is made. For example, a Standard Buy can be made and then a follow up Stop Loss and a Follow Up Sell (Take Profit) can be added. 
The Manual Trade section is flexible enough to implement entire trading strategies.

Trading Bot

The Trading Bot enables you to trade based on market indicators such as:

  • Simple Moving Average
  • Simple Moving Average Crossover
  • Exponential Moving Average
  • Exponential Moving Average Crossover
  • Simple and Exponential Moving Average Crossover
  • Relative Strength Index
  • Bollinger Band Width and Proximity
  • Candle Closing Difference
  • MACD 
  • Stochastic Oscillator
  • PSAR
Further, TradeCraft Pro contains an AI backtester that will help determine with indicators to use in the trades. These indicators are customized to each coin you want to trade.
Main Screen of App

Account Screen

The Account Screen contains 3 sections:

  •  Account Balances – TradeCraft Pro keeps a easy to view list of your cryptocurrency balance on Binance. 
  • Convert – The convert function will attempt to your cryptocurrencies for a give currency. This is similar to Binance’s dust conversion function, but with larger amounts and for any coin. 
  • Trade History – TradeCraft Pro will keep track of your trading history and gains and losses per coin. 

Quick Trades

In addition to Manual Trading and Bot trading, TradeCraft Pro also offers a Quick Trade feature. this feature is designed to be used in conjunction with TradingView to offer a way to scalp coins. 

Further, this feature is integrated with Telegram. If you have Telegram setup, you can type /buy or /sell into chat to initiate trades.

*A Note on Trading

Trading naturally involves the risk of loss. We are not responsible for any loss or gains that you make using our software.

We are also not responsible for any loss that you may incur as a result of using the information provided by any of our software.

Additionally, while we take pride in rooting out all the bugs from our software, issues may still arise. While we will work to fix any coding issues, we are also not responsible for any losses that happen as a result of a bug.