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TradeCraft Trailing Stop and Trailing Buy Orders Crytpocurrency

Trade Your Way

The trading options on Binance are limited. You cannot execute an full trading strategy using only Binance. You need a better tool.

TradeCraft gives you the tools you need to get ahead. Trailing stops and buys, bracketed orders, and laddering in an out.

Further, TradeCraft orders are non locking: you can input your full balance on both a buy and sell, across multiple coins, for a variety of market scenarios.

Trade like you have never traded before with the flexibility of TradeCraft!

TradeCraft Features

Telegram Integration

Get updates on your trades, account balances, coin watches through Telegram. You can even create new trades right from your phone no matter where you are!

Craft-Crypto Pro Telegram Integration Trade on the Go
Trade Craft Cryptocurrency Trailing Buy and Sell

Trailing Buys and Sells

Get the most out of price action with trailing orders in both directions!

Create Entry and Exit Orders

Create your buy order and follow up sell orders. The sells will only become active after the buy occurs. You can program your whole strategy and then get on with the rest of your day!

Trading BTC/USDT Example 2
TradeCraft Double Buy Orders Cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT

No Locks on Coins

Want to buy ETH or BTC but do not know which one will breakout first? TradeCraft let’s you create orders for both coins at the same time!

Crypto Price Watches

Get updates on your favorite coins without trading. Set price actions alerts that will send messages to you through Telegram.

Trade Craft Cryptocurrency Coin price action watch

More About TradeCraft

API Information

TradeCraft is a desktop app. It stores all information on your machine in order to keep your API information safe. No one at Craft-Crypto will ever ask you for your API information.

Also, please don’t share it with anyone, ever.

If you need help getting an API key, please see here.

For further security, disable withdraws and deposits on your API key. TradeCraft only needs trading and reading permissions.


TradeCraft makes all its trades as a Market order.

Additionally, TradeCraft will only trade with the amount of ‘free’ crypto that you have. This means that if you have a limit order or a stop loss setup on Binance, those funds will not be available to trade with TradeCraft.

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*A Note on Trading

Trading naturally involves the risk of loss. We are not responsible for any loss or gains that you make using our software.

We are also not responsible for any loss that you may incur as a result of using the information provided by any of our software.

Additionally, while we take pride in rooting out all the bugs from our software, issues may still arise. While we will work to fix any coding issues, we are also not responsible for any losses that happen as a result of a bug.